“So thrilled to have ‘Emissaries at Play’ hanging in our lounge. We adore the colours, texture and movement the piece gives to the room. Couldn’t have wished for more. Thanks so much”.

Meg Walley

Christchurch, New Zealand

“Bold, beautiful and multi-layered (literally!), Felicity’s Echoes of Choice is painted on unstretched canvas. The colours are luscious and the composition is satisfying – it includes stitched on panels and a small 3-D construction. The highlight is white interconnected globes which hint at organic shapes. This painting is so accomplished, sensuous and intriguing – we love it”.

Gerry & Lois Webb

Honeymoon Valley, New Zealand

“Here is a cool artist whose mark-making infiltrates your knowing .”Rock Drawing, the Fish Know…” I have had this canvas of Felicity’s on my wall for more than a year now. I never tire of looking at it. It mirrors all the sensations I have – and markings that transfix me when walking along the seashore – my favourite chill-out occupation”.

Lynne Price

Cable Bay, NZ

“I live on the same coast line as Felicity, so when I walked into a local gallery to see the first of her ‘big’ paintings I was blown away by the scale and ever changing textures and colours.

The perpetual movement of sea captured in an interplay of light and shadow, eye caught in the plunge of wave and into calmness with suggestions of fleeting glimpses of darting fish this body of work reflects the ocean in all it’s play”.

Marie Greeks

Cable Bay, NZ

“What a privilege to have Felicity’s mesmerising art hanging in on our walls making them look fabulous! Great artist with incredible skills and techniques”.

Annabelle Giorgetti

Manila, Phillipines

“We bought our first piece of art ever at Felicity’s last exhibition and it’s creating so much joy seeing it everyday at home, I love Felicity’s art and I’m looking at more white walls to buy more”.

Victorine Gueridon

Les Alpes, France

“I fell in love with Felicity’s wall art when I was visiting her beautiful home in Northland. I commissioned her to make me a piece. She asked a few questions and drew a quick sketch and got to work. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome! A very easy process and I would highly recommend Felicity’s stunning wall art”.

Karen Hunt

Christchurch, New Zealand

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